Meigs (Meiggs) Family History and Genealogy


Wellington H. Meigs

"Wellington H. Meigs [#1217] was born on March 11, 1871, at Fort Gibson, Oklahoma. Not long afterwards, his parents moved to Siloam Springs in Northwestern Arkansas, and here Meigs grew up and received his elementary and secondary education. For his legal training, Mr. Meigs attended the State University of Missouri at Columbia, and finished in 1895. He then returned to Siloam Springs, and for a time practiced there and in Indian Territory. He did not remain long, but went to Sioux City, Iowa, where he opened an office. From here, he went to Chicago, to accept a position in the contract department of a large concern but in 1908, left Chicago for Great Falls, Montana. Mr. Meigs took an office in the Conrad Bank building, and began his work as an attorney. In the short space for four years, his energy and ability secured him a lucrative and a growing practice.

"James Madison Meigs [#732], the father, was born in Danville, Kentucky, in 1843. He lived but thirty-three years, as he had lost his health in the Civil War. Four times, during his term of service, he was out on furlough on account of his health, and when mustered out, a sergeant major. He remained until the close of the war, and was with General Banks in a number of engagements, including the Red River campaign, in which every officer killed. When he returned from the war, he went into the drug business, and was so engaged at the time of his death. His wife was Nannie [Edonia] Chilton, born in Mercer county, Kentucky, in 1844, and now residing in Montana with her son, Wellington Meigs. Her other son, R. V. Meigs, is a Baptist Minister, and is now pastor at Urbana, Illinois. The only daughter, Grace Meigs Ruegnitz, her husband being Dr. Louis H. Ruegnitz, of Denver, Colorado. [Robert] Holt Meigs [#373], the grandfather of Wellington Meigs, was one of the pioneers of Kentucky. He was a merchant by occupation and owned a store before the was, which made him a wealthy man. The sturdy stock to which he belonged had endowed him with a magnificent physique, and to the end of his life he was an active and hale worker. He died at Siloam Springs in 1898, at the age of eighty-four, while on a visit to one of his sons there. Mrs. Meigs' family, the Chilton's, were early colonists in Kentucky.

"Mr. Wellington Meigs is unmarried, 1 and his home is with his mother. He is a man who is somewhat retiring in disposition, and who is devoted to his home. He is very fond of reading, and has a discriminating taste in literature. He is a blue lodge Mason, and senior warden of his lodge. Politically, he is a Republican. He was elected county attorney on the Republican ticket November 5, 1912, and will take office first Monday in January, 1913. Although rather fond of a quiet life, he is not one who is inactive or who enters into undertakings half-heartedly, as those who know his professional record can testify. In the brief period of his legal profession, but has made many friends among the acknowledged leaders of the community." 2

1.  On December 31, 1932, Wellington married Elizabeth Mary Healy of Antigo, WI.
2. Helen Fitzgerald Sanders, "A History of Montana," The Lewis Publishing Company, Chicago and New York, 1913, pages 1771 & 1772.


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