Meigs (Meiggs) Family History and Genealogy


Timothy Meigs

Deacon Timothy Meigs (#33) is the son of Janna (#12) and Hannah (Willard) Meigs.  He was "one of the most prominent residents of East Guilford, was born there [on] September 19, 1713, and was graduated at Yale in 1732.  He pursued no profession, but settled in his native town, where he died of an epidemic dysentery on September 14, 1751, having been taken sick while attending divine worship." 1

The following verses were written by some unknown bard after Meigs death:

Until at last, Death seized fast
  Our much lamented Deacon,
Whose sickness strong first seis'd upon
  Him, when he was at Meeting.

Till this dark hour, this man of prayer
  Stood by in our distress,
Ready to run to every one,
  When sickness did oppress.

A heavy stroke that from us took
  This good and useful man!
How deep the wound, how sad the sound,
  The lovely Meigs is gone!

Meigs married Mary, daughter of John French, on September 17, 1735.

Meigs # Name



No. 99 Ruth 05-01-1737 01-06-1814
No. 100 Mabel 04-14-1739 10-20-1800
No. 101 Statira 09-14-1741 1779
No. 102 John French 01-20-1744 11-04-1767
No. 103 Mary 04-25-1746 (In infancy)
No. 104 Hannah 12-02-1748
No. 105 Timothy 03-02-1751 11-13-1827(2)

1.  Henry B. Meigs, "Record of the Descendants of Vincent Meigs," John S. Bridges & Co., Baltimore, MD, 1901.
2.  The date May 03, 1842 has been found in some sources.


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