Meigs (Meiggs) Family History and Genealogy


Robert Van Meigs

Rev. Robert Van Meigs (#1218) was born in Pineville, Missouri, on January 21, 1873, the second son of James Madison Monroe (#732) and Nannie Edonia (Chilton) Meigs.  He received a B.A. from Bacone (Oklahoma) College in 1894, a B.D. from the Divity School of University of Chicago in 1898, and did post-graduate work at the same school.

He began his ministry as a student pastor in 1895, then as an evangelist from 1899 until 1900; pastor successively First Church, Quincy, First Church, Urbana, IL, Muscatine, Iowa, and Muskogee, OK, until 1918; again at Quincy as pastor of the Central church from 1918-1926; Immanuel Church, Chicago, 1926-1928, Logan Square Church, Chicago, 1929-1941; First Baptist Church, Arthur, IL, 1941-1943; Meigs retired in 1943.  Offered a resolution aimed at bring harmony at the Northern Baptist Convention at Seattle, WA, 1925, when a division between fundamentalists and modernists seemed inevitable.  It was adopted.  He wrote several books including:  Deity in the School of Fallen Humanity; Christ and Creation; The Door of Power and Privilege; The Hand of God in the Life of Lincoln; Lincoln's Christianity; Washington's Christianity; Evangelism, the Supreme Function of the Church. 1

He married Ida May Holch of Gilman, IL, on December 20, 1899.

Meigs # Name



No. 1429a James Samuel 2
No. 1430 Esther Geraldine 03-13-1904
No. 1431 Frederick Madison 04-26-1906
No. 1432 Elizabeth Edonia 08-13-1909

1.  "Who Was Who in America," Volume 5, Marquis Who's Who, Inc. Chicago, IL, 1973, page 490
2.  James' is listed and noted as deceased in "Who Was Who in America" noted above.  He is not listed in either the 1901 or 1935 Meigs' genealogy.


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