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Return Jonathan Meigs, 8th

Dr. Return Jonathan Meigs (#1177) was for over three decades a "prominent [doctor] in Lowell, Massachusetts, and vicinity...specialist in diseases of the eye. His sympathetic and generous manner, combined with his scientific attainments, have firmly established him in the popular favor and won for him universal confidence. He is a member of the staff of the Lowell Corporation Hospital.

"Return J. Meigs was born in Lowell, May 24, 1870, son of Joe Vincent [#724] and Eugenia (Shaffer) Meigs. The father, who became a resident of Lowell in 1865, died in 1907 in that city, and was buried there. He lives in the history of his country as the inventor of the first magazine rifle. Excellent educational opportunities were afforded the son, Dr. Meigs, who completed the public and high school course in Lowell and graduated from Harvard Medical School in 1894, with a degree of Doctor of Medicine. He followed the special studies in preparation for his branch of practice -- ophthalmology -- at the Royal Ophthalmic College in London, England. In 1898, he established himself in Lowell as a specialist in diseases of the eye and has steadily grown in public favor through his record of success in helping a wide variety of patients. He is a member of the American Medical Association and the Massachusetts Medical Society. During the World War [World War I] he was examining physician of Local Board No. 1.

"Dr. Meigs' fraternal affiliations are with the William North Lodge, Free and Accepted Masons, of Lowell; is a Knight Templar and a thirty-second degree Mason. His clubs are the Vesper Country and the Yorick.

"In Lowell, Massachusetts, December 8, 1887, Dr. Return J. Meigs married Carrie Celeste Huse, daughter of Thomas W. and Caroline E. (Larrabee) Huse." 1 Meigs died on April 6, 1931.

Meigs # Name



No. 1385 Caroline Elizabeth 04-10-1901
No. 1385a Sarah Love 07-09-1904

1.  E. P. Conklin, "Middlesex County and Its People," 1927.


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