Meigs (Meiggs) Family History and Genealogy


John Meigs

Dr. John Meigs (#485) was born on February 16, 1810, to Heman (#259) and Lydia (Hunt) Meigs.

He "studied medicine under the direction of Dr. Phineas Spalding, of Lyndon, Vermont. Graduated at the Institute in Woodstock, then in connection with the College in Middlebury, Vermont. commenced the practice of medicine in Stanstead [County, Province of Quebec], 1836, and was subsequently admitted a member of the College of Physicians and Surgeons of the Province of Quebec. [On] June [4], 1843, he married Elizabeth [Caroline Thorndike], daughter of William Grannie, Esq. she was born in Hatley, P. Q., April 19, 1822 [d. 05-18-1900]. Dr. Meigs sustains a high standing in his profession. The family are Episcopalians." 1

Meigs # Name



No. 881 Alice Lydia 04-26-1846 06-02-1907
No. 882 Elizabeth Sumner 05-20-1853 01-10-1895

1.  B. F. Hubbard, "Forests & Clearings - History of Stanstead, County, Province of Quebec," Published in Montreal, 1874, page 147.


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