Meigs (Meiggs) Family History and Genealogy


Janna Meigs

Janna Meigs (#12) was born on December 27, 1672, to Deacon John (#8) and Sarah (Wilcox[son]) Meigs.

He was a man of education, a deacon in the church, represented his district in the legislature of the Colony of Connecticut from 1716-1718 and 1726, was Justice of the Peace for New Haven Colony from 1722-1733 (a position of greater importance then than now), and Captain of a Company in the Queen Ann wars.

Some estimation of his character and position may be found from his funeral sermon, by Dr. Jonathan Todd, a pamphlet of 44 pages. The following is taken from that sermon:

"He was endued with that natural capacity, necessary to make a great and useful man; which was improved by a pious education under the care of his parents, and recommended by many agreeable qualifications. He was therefore taken notice of, as one capable of public service...and was therefore promoted to civil and military honors and offices among us. He hath been a father unto us, the leader of our public affairs; and rendered himself very useful unto us: The gentleman hath been conspicuous in him--his conversation was pleasant and improving. And his natural temper helped to recommend him to the love and affections of his acquaintances, which was the serious and the grave tempered with the cheerful. He was a pleasant companion to the wife, and a generous friend." 1

He married Hannah, daughter of Josiah and Hannah Willard of Weathersfield, Connecticut, on May 18, 1698. He died on June 5, 1739.

Meigs # Name



No. 25

Janna 04-17-1699 02-12-1772

No. 26

Josiah 05-14-1701 12-26-1774

No. 27

Jehiel 06-11-1703 03-23-1780
No. 28 Hannah 08-13-1705 05-20-1727
No. 29 Return 03-16-1708 06-22-1782
No. 30 Hester 12-19-1709

No. 31

Silence (Twin) 01-05-1712 01-09-1712
No. 32 Submit (Twin) 01-05-1712 01-16-1712
No. 33 Timothy 09-19-1713 09-14-1751
No. 34 Eunice 10-19-1715

1. Henry B. Meigs, "Record of the Descendants of Vincent Meigs," John S. Bridges & Co., Baltimore, MD, 1901, page 192.


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