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Jabez Meigs

Jabez Meigs (#241) was born on December 11, 1786, the eighth child of Ebenezer (#110) Meigs of Rochester, MA. Jabez moved to Windsor, Maine.

Windsor was settled by "squatters', people who had bought land from the Plymouth Company and from those who bought land from another land company. Some of the later peoples land overlapped with that of the Plymouth Company. So the Plymouth Company hired Paul Chadwick to survey their tract and the lots that they had sold. The "squatters" and those who bought land from the other company were not at all happy to see the survey done. Therefore, David Lynn (husband of Mary Meigs #240, Ansel (Anson?) Meigs, Elijah Barton, Prince Cain, Nathaniel Lynn, Adam Pitts and Jabez Meigs dyed their skin, donned Indian garb and proceeded to go to scare Chadwick while he was out working on the survey. Unfortunately, the "Indians" got into the "hooch" and lost their reasoning. On September 8, 1809, they came upon and assaulted Chadwick. They were accused of shooting Chadwick in the legs, back and shoulders. He died of his wounds on the 10th of September. The "Indians" were charged with murder and brought to trial in Augusta, Maine on November 16, 1809. The inhabitants of Windsor came to Augusta and were threatening to storm the jail and rescue the men. The Militia was called out to patrol. The people of Augusta were scared and tempers on both sides were mounting. It was felt that if any of the men were convicted of murder that there would really be a civil war with more killed. The "Indians" were acquitted. 1

Meigs served in the war of 1812. He "was enlisted by Captain Binney, in Wiscasset, Maine, February 19, 1813, served as private in Captain A. Hawkins' Company, in the Fourth Regiment, United States Infantry, 2 and in Captain S. Burbanks' Company in the Fifth Regiment, U.S. Infantry; was in several skirmishes and was discharged February 19, 1818, by Lt. Col. Joseph L. Smith. Jabez Meigs was then aged thirty-three' years. On account of his War of 1812 services, he was allowed one hundred sixty acres of bounty land, on warrant no. 17975, 3 under the Acts of December 24, 1811 and January 11, 1812. He was allowed pension on his application executed April 8, 1871, at which time he stated he was 'ninety-five' years old and a resident of Fort Gratiot, St. Clair County, Michigan.... His personal description [was] as follows: Born in Rochester, Plymouth Co., Mass.: age, 27 years, hair, eyes and complexion, light; height, 5 feet 8 1/2 inches; occupation, farmer." 4

Meigs married Nancy, daughter of John and Rebecca Lynn. After the war of 1812, he deserted his wife and went to Michigan "where he later remarried and raised a second family. Nancy Lynn waited seven years and married Jacob Jewell on May 22, 1823." 5

Meigs died sometime after 1871.

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