Meigs (Meiggs) Family History and Genealogy


Henry Meigs

Henry Meigs (#395) was the fifth child of Judge Henry (#215) and Julia Meigs. He was born on May 7, 1809.

Early in his life he was employed by the Merchants' Bank of New York where he became an Assistant Cashier, and later was Cashier of the Metropolitan Bank. In 1858 he became a member of the New York Stock Exchange, and formed a partnership with William Alexander Smith, which continued until 1869, "when having attained financial independence, he retired from active business."1 In 1877 and 1878 he was elected President of the New York Stock Exchange. He was an active member of the Protestant Episcopal Church, a prominent member of the Trinity Episcopal Church of Bayonne, New Jersey, and when living in New York was Treasurer of the Episcopal Fund. He was also a frequent delegate to Episcopal diocesan conventions and several times a deputy to the Triennial General Convention. "His counsel had much weight in church matters, and he often showed himself a forceable [sic] speaker on those topics."2

He was a resident of Bayonne, New Jersey, for 30 years and was its first Mayor, being elected on April 13, 1869 and then reelected for four consecutive terms. He discharged the duties of his office with "ability, dignity and fidelity to the trust imposed in him. He was an upright and honorable, high-minded gentleman of the old school, and was esteemed and honored by the citizens while living, and his death was universally and sincerely lamented."3

Henry married first Katherine T. Tyrrell and then Mary Noel McDonald (a widow). He died on June 7, 1887. His children were:

  Children by First Wife    
Meigs # Name



No. 745

Katherine T.



  Children by Second Wife    

No. 746




No. 747

Helen Noel




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