Meigs (Meiggs) Family History and Genealogy


Church Meigs

Church Meigs (#483) was the first son of Heman (#259) and Lydia (Hunt) Meigs. He was born on December 16, 1804, in Lyndon, Vermont, "and was there raised and educated."

"Among those who were prominently identified with the interests of [Poweshiek County, Iowa] in an early day is the one who's name heads this sketch.... In 1854, having heard much of the induce-ments offered in Iowa, he came to this county, settling on sec-tion 11, of Malcom township. He entered a large tract of land in this and Iowa counties, but in the autumn of the same year re-turned to Vermont. In the spring of 1855 he moved his family here, and during their early residence experienced many hardships consequent upon the early settlement of a new country. But in due time all these obstacles were overcome. His marriage was on the first of October, 1834, to Miss Nancy Paddleford [b. 06/26/1813, d. 06/28/1886], who was born and raised in New Hamp-shire. They raised a family of eight children.... Mr. Meigs was a man honored and respected by all who knew him; ever ready to help the needy, always willing to aid any good cause. He died December 29, 1865, and was followed to the grave my many friends. His home was frequently used as a place of public instruction, and also for divine service in an early day. In the death of this man the county lost one of its best citizens." 1

Meigs became an extensive land-owner and operated the first sawmill in Malcom, Iowa, and furnished the settlers with lumber for their homes. 2

His children were:

Birth  Death
No. 873 Patience Paddleford 06-19-1835 04-15-1922
No. 874 John Paddleford 06-14-1837 07-01-1908
No. 875 Sylvanus Randall 05-17-1839 02-11-1908
No. 876 Simeon Paddleford 08-31-1841 06-12-1865
No. 877 Church Paddleford 12-22-1843 12-08-1910
No. 878 Benjamin Bullock Paddleford 10-14-1846 08-19-1923
No. 879 Austin Paddleford 04-12-1850 09-12-1931
No. 880 Merrill Heman 06-22-1855


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