Meigs (Meiggs) Family History and Genealogy


Jehiel Meigs, Jr.

Jehiel Meigs, Jr. (#81) was born on July 6, 1743, to Jehiel (#27) and Lucy (Bartlett) Meigs.

"Early in the struggle for the independence of the American Colonies, Jehiel Meigs cast in his fortune with the patriotic cause, for he is recorded as having served in April, 1775, as Ensign in a Company that marched from Connecticut in the Lexington Alarm.

"On the first call for troops by the Legislature of Connecticut, General Wooster raised the First Regiment of Infantry, in April and May, 1775. this was recruited in New Haven County, and Jehiel Meigs, Jr., appears on its list of officers. The Regiment marched at request of the New York Provincial Authorities and the Continental congress, to New York in the latter part of June, and encamped at Harlem, part being detailed for duty on Long Island during the summer. About September 28th, they marched under orders from Congress, to the Northern Department and took part in the operations along Lake George and Lake Champlain, and stationed in part at Montreal.... [Later] Col. Swift's Connecticut State Battalion was raised for service from July to November, 1776, and having been adopted as Regular, served under General Gates and participated in the victory of Ticonderoga. In this Battalion, Jehiel Meigs, Jr., is recorded as First Lieutenant.... [Meigs was later promoted to Captain] and assigned to duty in the Seventh Regiment of Infantry.... It joined Washington's Army at New York in August, and was stationed first at Fort Lee. Marching with the troops to White Plains and subsequently into New Jersey, it took part in the battles of Trenton (December 25, 1776).... But possible as a result of the earlier hardships in Canada, and certainly from the suffering and privations experienced in the fall of 1776, Captain Jehiel Meigs fell ill and died in camp [on] December 27, 1776." 1

Meigs married Abigail (#59), daughter of Phineas (#23) Meigs, on January 4, 1764.

Meigs # Name



No. 168 Phineas 01-22-1769 04-07-1851
No. 169 Lucretia 05-25-1771 01-12-1849
No. 170 Fanny 03-23-1774 09-10-1845

1.  Henry B. Meigs, "Record of the Descendants of Vincent Meigs," John S. Bridges & Co., Baltimore, MD, 1901, page 195 & 196.


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