Meigs (Meiggs) Family History and Genealogy


Over the years I've collected boxes of Meigs family historical and genealogical data and have attempted to be available to answer specific inquiries. But time constraints don't allow me to put a priority on helping others, so I've created this website to share a small portion of my material. E-mail me with your input or question.

The contents are listed from the oldest descendant (at the top) to the most recent descendant (at bottom of page).

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Vincent Meggs alias Love

Vincent (#1) and his three sons were the first Meggs (Meigs) to come to America, arriving between 1635 and 1639. We have finally been able to locate Vincent in English records, including information on more children and who his wife was (see Emma Stronge below).

Emma Stronge  
Wife of Vincent Meggs. Some of the information we have on her.
Janna Meigs Janna Meigs (#12). Legislator, Justice of the Peace, Captain in the Queen Ann wars.
Timothy Meigs Timothy Meigs (#33) son of Janna Meigs (#12). Deacon and prominent resident of East Guilford, CT.
Jehiel Meigs, Jr. Jehiel Meigs (#81). Patriot, officer in Seventh Regiment of Infantry, fought at Ticonderoga and Trenton.

Return Jonathan Meigs, 1st

Return Jonathan Meigs (#90) is the first of the Meigs by this name. Son of Return (#29) and Elizabeth (Hamlin) Meigs. Lieutenant Colonel Revolutionary War, a first settler of Ohio, Cherokee Indian Agent.

Josiah Meigs  

Josiah Meigs (#98) was the 13th and last child of Return (#29) and Elizabeth (Hamlin) Meigs. Yale Class of 1778, Lawyer, Publisher, first president of the University of Georgia, Commissioner of the U. S. Land Office in Washington, D.C.

Return Jonathan Meigs, 2nd

Return Jonathan Meigs (#191) is the son of R.J. Meigs (#90). First Postmaster of Marietta, Ohio, Judge of the Territorial Court, serve in territorial legislature, Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Ohio, Governor of Ohio, Postmaster General of United States of America.

Timothy Meigs  

Timothy Meigs (#197) was born on September 28, 1782, the last child of Return Jonathan (#90) and Grace (Starr) Meigs. Confidential Secretary to his father.

Henry Meigs

Henry Meigs (#215) was born in New Haven, CT, on October 28, 1782, the first child of Josiah (#98) and Clara (Benjamin) Meigs.

Charles Delucena Meigs

Dr. Charles Delucena Meigs (#219) was born on February 19, 1792, in St. George, Bermuda, to Josiah (#98) and Clara (Benjamin) Meigs.

Jabez Meigs  

Jabez Meigs (#241) was born on December 11, 1786, the eighth child of Ebenezer Meigs (#110) of Rochester, MA.

Rev. Benjamin Clark Meigs  

Rev. Benjamin Clark Meigs (#266) was born on August 9, 1789, to Dr. Phineas (#132) and Sharah (Tomlinson) Meigs.

George Anson Meigs

George Anson Meigs (#313) was born on February 4, 1816, the eighth child of Whiting (#166) and Charlotte (Grennell) Meigs, in Shelburne, Vermont. Founded Port Madison, Washington Territory. From his shipyard came the first full-Rigged sailing ship ever built on the Pacific Coast--the Wildwood.

Theresa Charlotte (Meigs) Pope

Theresa Charlotte Meigs (#367) was born on September 15, 1798, the first child of John (#194) and Parthenia (Clendinen) Meigs.

Return Jonathan Meigs, 3rd

Return Jonathan Meigs, 3rd (#368) was born on April 14, 1801, the son of John (#194) and Parthenia (Clendinen) Meigs. A member of the Nashville Tennessee board of education, a trustee of the University of Nashville and of the state school for the education of the blind. Clerk of the Supreme Court of the District of Columbia.

Emily Stanfield (Meigs) Walker

Emily Stanfield Meigs (#370) was born on October 25, 1808, the daughter of Timothy (#197) and Elizabeth (Holt) Meigs. She married John Walker, a chief of the Cherokee Nation, on January 10, 1824. As the story goes, he fell in love and eloped with Emily.

Return Jonathan Meigs, 4th

Return Jonathan Meigs, 4th (#372) was born on April 3, 1812, the first son of Timothy Meigs (#197) and Elizabeth (Holt). Married Jane (Jennie) Ross, oldest daughter of Chief John Ross of the Cherokee Nation and emigrated with the Cherokee nation to Oklahoma in the famous "Trail of Tears."

Henry Meigs

Henry Meigs (#395) was the fifth child of Judge Henry (#215) and Julia Meigs. He was born on May 7, 1809. Banker and President of the New York Stock Exchange.

Montgomery C. Meigs

General Montgomery C. Meigs (#398) was the first son of Dr. Charles Delucena (#219) and Mary (Montgomery) Meigs.

Church Meigs

Church Meigs (#483) was the first son of Heman (#259) and Lydia (Hunt) Meigs. He was born on December 16, 1804, in Lyndon, Vermont.

Dr. John Meigs Dr. John Meigs (#485) of the Province of Quebec, Canada, was born on February 16, 1810, to Heman (#259) and Lydia (Hunt) Meigs.
Alexander S. Meigs Alexander S. Meigs (#499) of Malcom, Iowa, is the son of Anson (#261) and Dorothy (Leavitt) Meigs. 
Henry Meiggs Henry Meiggs (#526), the builder of great railroads. Son of Elisha (#270) and Fanny (Williams) Meiggs.
Henry Benjamin Meigs Henry Benjamin Meigs (#593), was the author of the "Records of the Descendants of Vincent Meigs," published in 1901. It is due to his work that we have such a fine history of the Meigs family.
Meigs High School Named in honor of James L. Meigs, Nashville, TN's second superintendent of schools.
John Meigs   John Meigs (#659) was born on August 31, 1852 to Dr. Matthew Kugler Meigs (#318) and Mary M. (Gould) Meigs. John was the head of The Hill School, Pottstown PA, for over 35 years, succeeding his father, the schools founder.
Henry Clay Meigs   Henry Clay Meigs (#727) was born at Park Hill, Tahlequah District, Oklahoma, to Return Jonathan Meigs, 4th (#372) and Jane (Ross). Jane Ross was the daughter of John Ross, principal chief of the Cherokee Nation.
Major Montgomery Meigs   Montgomery Meigs (#768) was born in Rouses Point, New York, on February 28, 1847, to Montgomery C. and Louisa (Rodgers) Meigs. Longtime government engineer assigned to improve the Mississippi navigation system from St. Paul to the mouth of the Missouri.

Sylvanus R. Meigs

Sylvanus Randall Meigs (#875) was the third child of Church (#483) and Nancy (Paddleford) Meigs.

Bessis (Meigs) Stowell Born to Sylvanus R. (#875) and Georgiana (Bates) Meigs on July 15, 1867 in a small log cabin near Malcom, Iowa.
Ferris Jacobs Meigs Ferris Jacobs Meigs (#1146) was born in Jersey City, New Jersey, on February 5, 1868, to Titus B. (#706) and Lucia Lassell Meigs. Prominent New York Lumberman.
Dr. Return Jonathan Meigs, 8th Dr. Return Jonathan Meigs (#1177) was a prominent doctor in Lowell, MA, and a specialist in diseases of the eye. Born in Lowell, MA, on May 24, 1870, the son of Joe Vincent (#724) and Eugenia (Shaffer) Meigs.
Wellington H. Meigs Wellington H. Meigs (#1217) was born on March 11, 1871, at Fort Gibson, Oklahoma, the son of James Madison Monroe (#732) and Nannie Edonia (Chilton) Meigs. An attorney, in 1908 he established himself in Great Falls, Montana.
Rev. Robert Van Meigs Rev. Robert Van Meigs (#1218) was born in Pineville, Missouri, on January 21, 1873, the second son of James Madison Monroe (#732) and Nannie Edonia (Chilton) Meigs.
Cornelia Lynde Meigs Cornelia Lynde Meigs (#1247), children's author and daughter of Major Montgomery Meigs (#768) and Grace (Lynde) Meigs.

Merrill C. Meigs

Merrill C. Meigs [#1289] was one of those rare people with both a clear view of what the future should be and a force of will that helped create the present we now take for granted.

The Meigs Elevated Railway

The system herewith illustrated is the invention of Mr. Joe V. Meigs, of Lowell, Mass.

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